More recognizable now: roofrack and painting

Once I got the distinctive roofrack back on, everything really clicked into place for me.

The original roofrack goes back on

The original roofrack goes back on. Distinctively, it projects beyond the windscreen.

I got the forward extension to the roofrack made over a decade ago, when I got the rooftent, as the tent didn’t leave so much room for carrying things. Now I’ll have plenty of room, but I like the roofrack that way, so I’ll keep it that way… however, it’s not in brilliant condition, so in due course I’ll replace it with another extended one (or rather, two, to get the length); the replacement will be galvanized. I had split the roofrack when we took it off, as the part that had been supporting the tent (at the back) was really too corroded. I’ve put that piece back on too, just as a placeholder.

A fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint, this time Masai Red instead of two approximations to Massey Ferguson Red.

After that, it was time for roller painting; having the vehicle in a consistent colour really transformed it, from a “major work in progress” project to a vehicle that looks ready to use. Actually the paint job’s not brilliant if seen close up, but I’m really pleased with how the vehicle looks as a whole now.

Rear interior, with matting

Rear interior, with matting

The second row seats, with seatbelts and matting

The second row seats, with seatbelts and matting

The next stage was to bring the interior closer to its target state, by putting in second-row seatbelts and some workshop-style floor matting. Unfortunately, the seatbelts aren’t long enough for this mounting position; I shall use strong strips of steel as mounting extensions.

There are still quite a few things to be done; the largest of them is to assemble and fit a sufficiently long exhaust system.


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  1. Posted 2013/04/22 at 7:53 AM | Permalink

    Looks great 🙂

    Our 109″ was roller painted last year and from a distance it too looks good but up close there are lots of tiny air bubbles in it. I don’t think it helped that I painted it in late October and we had a frost that evening…. overall though I was pleased with the finish considering and quick and easy roller painting was compared to spraying.

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