Slow and unphotogenic work

This weekend’s Land Rover work was slow and fiddly, and made very little difference to the appearance (so I haven’t included a photo). Most of it went into attaching custom-made brackets for supporting the front of long side steps, to where the bulkhead outriggers, bulkhead, and front floor side supports fit together. It took me four hours to get the two brackets attached, and they have only two main bolts each! To get the brackets in the right place, they fit inside the channel sections that support the outer sides of the front floor.

The side steps come from a scrapped Disco, and each of the brackets is in two parts (upper and lower) hinged together. (I’m getting the lower parts shaped for me by Mackays, as they need semicircular ends which I probably couldn’t cut neatly enough myself.) The idea is to be able to swing them upwards to make the vehicle slightly narrower, and to have them block the opening of the doors, for security, when the vehicle is parked: I’m still thinking about a suitable mechanism for this; perhaps based on the motor from an electric power steering system, plus a latching mechanism.

The rear brackets for the steps should be much easier; they’ll simply bolt to the meccano-like sections that I got built into the chassis.


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