Some things to avoid

I’m glad to see that Paul Chambers’ Twitter conviction has been quashed. But I’ll still boycott Robin Hood Airport, unless I hear that they’ve sacked the off-duty duty manager who reported the tweet as menacing. (Update: I have found a page that includes the names of some of those to blame.)

This turned up just as I was thinking of writing a post recommending boycotting sponsors of the London Olympics, because of the use of exclusive sponsor rights; it was the article Visa forces ATMs at Olympics venues to close that drew my attention to this. Because of this, I’ve already started to prefer Paypal to VISA for online payments where both are available, and am trying to get myself organized into drawing cash from my bank’s own cashpoints only, in the hope that those payments don’t go through the VISA system; and to then to make face-to-face transactions in cash instead. I really hope that VISA’s decision will backfire on them in a big way. It’s a pity they’re so hard to get away from.

Here’s the official list of Olympic sponsors to tell us who to avoid. A lot of the companies on it are ones I avoid anyway: I don’t buy Coke’s rot-gut, driving a BMW is the instant way to get people to assume you’re an arsehole, Panasonic try to stop their cameras working with third-party batteries, British Airways are known for maintenance so sloppy they’ve even flown an aircraft with the lid to a fuel tank left behind in the hangar, I don’t drink rats-piss like Heineken… VISA is the main inconvenience to avoid or reduce, I’m trying to reduce my chocolate consumption and at least get something nicer than the blank major brands, so won’t really miss Cadbury’s, I’ve used Eurostar for one round trip, and preferred it to flying, but will either fly or get the ferry next time I might have used it, my current netbook is an Acer but the next one won’t be!

I’m glad to see there’s already a FaceBook page to Boycott the Olympic sponsors!


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