The rebuild begins

Today I took the day as annual leave, as my Land Rover expert friend had the day free to work on it with me.

I started to fit bushes and brackets to the new chassis, while he replaced bushes on the front axle’s radius arms; then we attached the front axle to the chassis, and attached the steering mechanism.

That may not sound like much, but various bits of it were fiddlier than there seemed good reason to be.

Anyway, it’s a good start, and there’s no point rushing a project like this.

Next major stages: probably the middle axle, then the engine and gearbox. In odd moments, I’ll start to add wiring to various components, and also set up the rather fiddly rebuild of the rear tub floor (in the course of which it looks like I will get the chance to learn to weld, a skill that I’m rather late in acquiring).

Photos later (I’ve left my camera USB lead somewhere else).

For contrast, here is a time lapse of someone building most of a Land Rover in a day.


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