Deconstruction well under way

When I arrived to work on the Land Rover today, I found further progress had been made in my absence:

Rear tub removed

Rear tub removed

This revealed that it is indeed high time to replace the chassis:

The state of the old chassis

The old chassis was indeed ripe for replacement.

The seat boxes, which I extended downwards, are also out:

The seat boxes

The seat boxes, partly original and partly replaced to make them deeper.

The gearboxes are still in; I expect they, and the engine, will come out over the next couple of days. I have good intentions of getting some engine degreaser to them, and perhaps even a layer of engine paint.

The gearboxes in the old chassis

The gearboxes, still in the old chassis

I stripped the dashboard out from the bulkhead, partly to see what needed replacing, and partly to help with removing the old wiring:

The bulkhead, looking very bare

The bulkhead, looking very bare, still on the old chassis

The plenum was in poor condition; I’ll probably replace it with the one from the green donor vehicle:

Old bulkhead plenum chamber

The old bulkhead plenum chamber.

For reference, here is the steering box, which is a manual one. (I’m documenting it, to show that I’ve used the same steering when re-assembling the vehicle in its new form.)

The steering box, still on the old chassis

The steering box


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