Work begins on Project 170

The new chassis

The new chassis

About a week ago, my new Land-Rover chassis was delivered, fresh from the galvanizers. The friend whose garage it is at was busy for the week, but now is ready for me to come round to start on the project while he finishes some other work in the workshop.

The empty rear interior of my Land-Rover

The loadspace, ready for stripping out.

So, this morning, I drove round, and started to take my Land-Rover to pieces. The picture above shows it emptied of the stuff that I’d brought round in it, and shows that it has bench seats. (These aren’t allowed to be added in new vehicles, or at least not in new models, so I’m making the point that they’re already there. But anyway, I don’t see this project as building a new vehicle; it is a chassis replacement and stretching, but everything else is staying the same, and I hope to keep the present registration number.)

Partly stripped, but basically intact, Land-Rover

Partly stripped, but basically intact

Today, I undid a lot of bolts… I took the roof tent off, then the roofrack (with help for the heavy lifting), then the doors. Then I started to remove old wiring and to undo the bolts that hold the roof, upper sides, and tub together. I’ve got some more of that to do tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s target is to get the roof and the upper side panels off. (The vehicle is under cover, but Land-Rovers generally show an “easy come, easy go” approach to water inside them anyway!)


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