A crude approximation

To show what I’m working towards, I’ve gimped up a very rough-and-ready picture, showing not so much what the Land-Rover 170 will look like, but more how it will be fitted together from the original form of the vehicle and from the spare-parts vehicle.

Approximate picture showing the assembly of the 170

Approximate picture showing the assembly of the 170 from two vehicles

The dimensions aren’t quite consistent; an earlier attempt measured out wheel positions accurately in pixels, but the camera that took the original picture is a bit non-linear, and the result just looked unrealistically long. This one might be slightly too long, too; the section from the back of the green door to the second axle might be a bit longer than it will be in real life. Although for the picture I’ve modified the rear windows of the original bodywork (really, they are smaller than standard), in fact they will be standard rear quarter panels from another vehicle.

The vehicles were at slightly different angles in the original photo, so their parts don’t quite line up; naturally, the roof line and other “longitudinals” will all be straight.

The roof-rack, of course, will have support legs at regular intervals all the way along it.

And, finally, the whole vehicle will be resprayed in Massey Ferguson Red, with a white roof and black roof-rack.


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