A quick update on my exercise plans

I started doing the exercises from “You are your own gym” but it turned out to be partly “Your furniture is your gym” and my furniture wasn’t a convenient shape. So I made my own equipment to suit the book, and I’ll get back to it when I get back from holiday.
A small side point: I can’t always work to the level of muscle failure, as my joints start to complain before then. I’ll work out some way round this, I’m sure.

Update: here’s a picture of the equipment I made. It’s made of leftover timber from the bookshelves behind it; I originally made them for a larger room, and when I moved there were some bits left over. The shiny bar is from a weights set.
My exercise stand
I can use it for elevated pressups, let-me-ups, and seated dips. You can see that the furniture really isn’t well-shaped for such exercises!


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