An interesting task for the team

Last week we had a deadline at work, for a release, and now my boss is in the USA for the release conference. He set us a task to do in his absence: attend the beer festival! Since there’s probably a fairly high proportion of geeks attending, he said we could combine it with trying to recruit people, too (I don’t think we got any, though; a couple of other software companies had recruiting beermats provided).

I had some excellent bears, ciders ( and one disappointing cider), perrys, a mead, and three cheeses — good overall. And today I nommed Bambi 🙂 I enjoyed a venison burger from one of the stalls. My favourite beer this year: `Comrade Bill Bartram’s Egalitarian Anti-Imperialist Soviet Stout’ by Bartram’s Brewery!

The atmosphere was pleasant and relaxed, good evidence against any claims that availability of large quantities of alcohol automatically lead to misbehaviour. I guess real ale enthusiasts tend toward the mellower end of drinkers; I didn’t notice anyone who looked drunk. (I was only at the lunchtime sessions; I gather the evenings were more crowded, but I expect the atmosphere was similar.)


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