Getting a little faster

I’m now cycling to work quite regularly; having started with an average speed of 9mph, I’m pleased to have reached 10.1 yesterday and then, unexpectedly, 10.6 today! I’m now comfortable with the prospect of using the trike as my regular transport to and from work, for ordinary straightforward workdays. I’m not yet comfortable with taking it on days when I go to evening activities in town after work, because, being a recumbent trike, it’s exotic enough (compared with a conventional bike) to attract adverse attention (theft, vandalism) when parked. I currently have two weekday evening activities (Mandarin, Ballroom) so that leaves me with three days to cycle to work. Past experience has shown that this is the critical level for losing weight.

I haven’t yet started using my N900 as a GPS-based speedometer; I tried one downloaded package for this, but it wanted an internet connection open, which put me off. But it’s given me an idea for a project to do using python on maemo: a speedometer that draws a histogram of how long I’ve been at each speed in that journey. That way, I can get an idea of my median speed, which I’m more interested in than the average (as the average is affected by a section of side roads which I have to manouevre around at well below the speed I can pedal at).

I keep track of my finances (every transaction) in a spreadsheet on my N900, with a column for each kind of expenditure, along with my weight and my cycling performance. It’ll be interesting to plot those last two against each other, once my weight is changing more; I’ll also plot them against the “expenditure on snacks” column!


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