Getting going on the trike

My factors for choosing a place to live include it being near enough to my workplace to cycle regularly, but far enough for it to be exercise. I’ve cycled to work a few times since arriving here, and it looks like this is the week when I switch to cycling to work more than I drive to work: today I cycled for the second consecutive day; I have an after-work activity tomorrow, that it makes sense to drive to from work, but after that at least one of the other days of this week should be suitable for riding to work. I’ve found in the past that cycling to work three or more times a week is what brings my weight down, so I’m looking forward to that!
And today I remembered to measure the journey, and my speed, by GPS: it’s seven and a half miles each way, and averaged over out and return journeys it took me 50 minutes each way, which is embarrassingly slow, at 9mph. I hope to be averaging about 12mph once I’m doing it regularly, which will be 38 minutes; 15mph would give me 30 minutes, which would be very satisfying (and probably quite slimming!)


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