The satisfaction of construction

I spent this afternoon doing metalwork, making the casing for a new lighting system for my recumbent trike. It’ll fit on the rear carrier, with the battery in the base of the system (roughly behind my shoulders) and two uprights of box-section aluminium rising up to a crosspiece higher than my head (so it’ll be like the symbol “pi”, on top of a box). On the back of the crosspiece will be the rear light, made as a car LED brake light strip (52 LEDs) and at each end of it a turn indicator; the front lights will fit just inboard of the ends of the crosspiece: a 15W halogen on one side, and a 2W white LED on the other.

I’ve at last bought a pillar drill, which was pleasant and relaxing to use; I tend to grip hand-held power tools far too tightly, in trying to control them firmly. Much of the rest of the cutting I did with a hacksaw; I used my nice new jigsaw (with LED illumination that appears to move up and down with the blade) just for the longer cuts. Then I put it together using epoxy and rivets, with a cheap rivetting tool I had bought to get the job done; my lazy-tongs rivetter is amongst the stuff I haven’t yet collected from Ireland.

The only mistake I’m yet aware of is that I rivetted some joints that will later be covered over with plates; I’ll have to drill those rivets out later when I’m about to put the plates over them.


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