Encountering the village idiot?

As I stopped my Land Rover outside my driveway to get out and open the gate, some kind of pickup (I think it was a double cab with enclosed back — the kind I’ve long suspected are associated with troublemakers and idiots) with some little rectangular extra lights came round the corner and dazzled me; so I flashed my lights, and the pickup flashed me back, then turned round at the end of the road, turned round at the first end again, and flashed me and hooted. I think I’ve seen that vehicle around before (next time I think I see the same one I’ll make a mental note of the registration number), and got the impression the driver was impetuous and unpleasant (and probably not exactly gifted). I’m now wondering whether he’s sufficiently mentally ill as to come round and attack me or commit vandalism; probably not, but I thought I’d put this up in case there is any trouble of the kind that makes me unable to do report him later. Being a bully can’t be much of a life, and I should probably feel sorry for him, but in practice I only see the irritation.


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