On Thursday I took the ferry from Ireland to Wales, and drove across Wales and England to the Cambridge area, where I can stay for a few nights in some spare family accomodation.

Friday I spent doing some of the small tasks of moving from one country to another, such as getting a new SIM card.

On Monday I’ll start my new job, which I’m looking forward to. It even has “Linux” in the title 🙂

With all due respect to the many good things about Ireland, it’s currently a relief to have left it. I hadn’t realized that the downturn had been getting to me personally until the ship neared Wales, and I realized that the feeling I was getting reminded me of when the cardiologist gave me a clean bill of cardiac health by saying “No narrowings!” during my angiogram.

I’d been in Ireland for a bit over seven years; I can’t remember how long I expected to stay when I moved there. I certainly changed in the time I was there, detaching myself from the hectic pace and internalized pressure of Cambridge. (Good, laid-back, neighbours made a big difference, as did my very rural life in general. A doctor suggesting I should come right off caffeine also helped!) Now I’m going back… and I think I’ll keep the more relaxed attitude to life.


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