Another attempt at loading my N900

This time I’ll be more systematic, and record what I’m doing. I’m putting oddities related to extra things I’ve done in italics (or whatever this bit displays as).

  1. manual backup of ~/.calendar/ and ~/.ossa-abook
  2. reflash
  3. set up wireless connection
  4. access a web page, to make our wifi thing bring up its login page
  5. use the Application Manager to get rootsh
  6. mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 MyDocs because I had changed the filesystem type and it no longer matches /etc/fstab but /etc/fstab looks like it’s generated from somewhere and I don’t yet know where
  7. installed emacs with its following dependencies
  8. rebooted and tried emacs — just to make sure I hadn’t yet mucked the fonts up and replaced all the characters with little boxes; all OK so far; NB I had to try the reboot twice, the first time I still had the USB cable in, and I think it wanted to flash itself or something; rebooting with the cable out gave me a normal reboot
  9. installed the ttf-droid font recommended on the emacs installation page
  10. switched off and on again, to check it wasn’t the font that had caused the problem — all OK so far
  11. re-mounted MyDocs as it’s not getting mounted on startup
  12. tried to remap the keyboard, as in these instructions, but the setxkbmap command gave an error, saying it couldn’t read the file
  13. set emacs up to adjust to the screen size
  14. switched off and on again, to check it wasn’t the attempted keymapping that had caused the problem — all OK so far

So now I’ve got emacs working, and I can still reboot. And with emacs to hand, it should be easier to investigate the keyboard mapping file problems.


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