Cat names and status

Ruaraidh got through his operation comfortably enough, and enjoyed a brief spell as a housecat while recovering from the anaesthetic.  (They’re all outdoor cats.)

The feral female who is becoming a bit tamer is now “Lilith” — still slightly sinister, but not as bad as her old name(s).

And my name for the well-hung feral tom who sometimes appears and bullies all “my” cats has been based on what’s very noticeable when he’s walking away from me, but I thought he should have a slightly politer name.  Then I remembered that an Anglo-Ukrainian friend of mine at college claimed that the transcription of the Russian name Богураев was originally Bugaroff or Bugarov, but was changed to Boguraev to avoid embarrassing a Soviet Admiral, Vadontya Bugaroff, in the Cold War.  This isn’t particularly plausible… but it makes an appropriate name for a cat who I really wish would go away!


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