Cat news

Pangaroo has recovered properly, and tomorrow it’s Ruaraidh’s appointment for castration (according to the vet, castrated male cats live half again as long as uncastrated ones).
The feral female, who I refer to as “Mrs NastyCat” or “The Root of All Evil” (the latter as she produces all the unpleasant kittens) has started to let me stroke her a little, initially while distracted with food but now also while just waiting for food, so I think I’ll have to rename her.
And her only pleasant offspring, now about a year old, I originally named “Ugly Betty”, when I thought he was female. He has sticky-out teeth that look like he could use a brace! But now I know that he’s male, I decided to rename him, but without changing his name too much. So now he’s called “Buggly Yeti” 🙂


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