This could explain something…

Years ago, I developed RSI, mostly manifesting itself in my lower forearms. Over the last six years or so, I’ve brought it under control, with quite a bit of physiotherapy to start with, and exercises and stretching. Now, I get physiotherapy for it a couple of times per year, mostly if I’ve neglected to do enough stretching for a bit.
I went today, and was treated by a different physio, who had a more specific diagnosis of why things had gone wrong in the first place, and quite a different treatment. Although the soreness was, as usual, in the distal half of the flexor side of my forearms (the area where the tendons are; the muscle bodies have been fine for a long time now), she said that the root of the problems was in my hands, which weren’t flexible enough to give the tendons enough space near the wrists. So she worked on mobilizing the joints within my hands, to widen that area. It seems to have helped; let’s see how it goes over the weeks.


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