Bread — my best yet

I’ve never learnt much about cooking, but a few months ago I bought a home breadmaking machine, and after a bit of experimentation I got the hang of it (I hadn’t known about “strong flour” when I first tried it; that seems to be the main key), and have hardly ever bought shop bread since.
I’ve started to experiment with variations on the recipes in the instructions, and have now got one that I’m particularly pleased with. I’ll present it as a patch on the instruction book recipe, rather than from scratch, so if you want to try it, you can apply it to your own bread machine’s instructions:
This is a variant of the “wholemeal bread” recipe that uses half brown flour, half strong white flour.
All ingredients are as normal, apart from the “brown flour” part. For that, substitute oats for about a fifth of it, then add the same amount of strong white flour to make up for the oats rising less than brown flour does. Then crumble two breakfast wheat biscuits (weetabix etc) into it; then top up to the usual weight of brown flour. You may need to add slightly more water than usual, as oats and weetabix are both quite absorbent. Set machine controls as normal.


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