Sonin saikhan baina

An uneventful week. The tame mummy cat has moved her kittens to somewhere safer; the feral mummy cat has moved hers to somewhere where I can’t tame them, evidently humans are a bad influence.  I have at last identified what I’ve been finding uncanny about one of my favourites of the farm cats, Pangaroo: there’s more than a little of the Roswell Alien about his eye shape.

I’ve made very little progress in language learning; and likewise with tidying the house.  I’m going to think more about changing habits, and write about it here sometime.

On the gadget and tinkering front, I’ve at last ordered an Arduino; and I found some fascinating devices made by Telit, in particular the Telit GM862-GPS, which is a “GSM/GPRS modem” with GPS.  But calling it a modem is understating it somewhat; “computer with GSM, GPRS and GPS” is a better description.  It includes a CPU and memory, with a Python interpreter and room to download about 2MB of Python, and about 1MB of RAM to use.  In effect, it’s a smartphone without a human interface.  I’m thinking of getting one, to make my own car tracker.  They also make some without the GPS, one of which has 64MB and Linux!

My netbook has settled in; I re-installed a couple of times after some mistakes that it was quicker to overwrite than disentangle.

The nicest new thing this week: another of my test readers liked my novel draft (and its protagonist).

And I cycled to work three times this week.


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