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At last I’ve bought myself a laptop; I picked an Acer Aspire One, as it looks like that’s well-supported on Debian. It has more memory than my main home machine which I use for serious development work; in fact, much of the seriously intriguing computing doesn’t take much memory by modern standards; it seems to all go on fripperies, which I’ve removed — I’ve installed ratpoison and Emacs.  I made a mess of my work machine while doing it, though, as I wrote something intended for the installation USB thumb drive to the main drive of the machine on which I was preparing the media.  Next time I tried booting it, it failed; I thought I could re-install starting from the same thumb drive that I’d started the netbook installation, but it refused it.

I won’t normally be using this as a development machine, as it has a flat keyboard, and I have RSI and am only really comfortable with a split keyboard; it’s more for making notes on things I’m reading, managing my lists of things to do, etc. However, it will re-awaken my project for controlling emacs through a gamepad or similar controller — and I’ve ordered an Arduino starter kit to start going beyond what I can do with hacking gamepads.

I’m quite into “unplugged” or “off-grid” computing, as well as having an ideal of making every keystroke count; but for a change from that, I’ve just been on facebook to check just what these famous security settings are about, and to adjust mine.  In fact I had very little information on it anyway, and had never got round to making many connections; LinkedIn is more my style.  But now I’ve been through my linkedin contacts, putting in Facebook requests for the ones I could quickly identify.  “Friend requests”, that is.  It doesn’t seem to have “Enemy requests” but then of course I don’t really want to be in contact with the few people I specifically want to avoid! (Update: although there isn’t an “enemy request” button alongside each “friend request”, I’ve found it’s been added as a user application.  However, even though I’m learning Krav Maga I’m not going to list those people I want to avoid.)

I’m working (just in the back of my mind mostly) on how to combine my PhD work with the Futamura projections; if it works, there could be an interesting paper from it.


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