I’ve started to publicize my pet project

I could have gone on improving it, and not calling it “ready” for months to come, but on the basis of “release early, release often”, I’ve now submitted a Free Software package I started, to freshmeat.net, a name that makes me think of being torn apart by lions. Let’s see what the lions make of it — shred it, ignore it, or enjoy the taste?

The project seems such an obvious idea now, although I didn’t first think of it, then write it; it gradually exuded from the project that I currently earn my keep writing. The paid project uses BNF grammars to decode bytestring chromosomes into just about any programming language, for evolutionary computation, and I gradually went from having separate versions for Scheme and Lua to having a version with some a common calling interface and functions supporting that interface for each language. Then eventually I made it into a separate module, as I thought it might be useful for all sorts of applications — in fact, any that want a scripting language.

So now I have a library that implements `eval_in_language(language, script_fragment)’ and related functions, and can spend many a geeky hour adding more languages; but it would be nice if enthusiasts for particular languages take up some of the interfaces; I’m not possessive about code.

I’d also like to learn to use each of the languages; there’ll be quite a few, so that’s another non-immediate target for me, along with reading right through the manual and the source for GNUemacs! I might also try looking at the insides of each language’s interpreter and making some comparative notes… with a possible book in mind.


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