Welcome to Hill With Small Fields!

I’m a programmer (research assistant) in a research team at a university in the west of Ireland. I’m likely to be blogging about Free / Open Source software, Land-Rovers, rural life, recumbent bikes, Krav Maga, Ballroom Dancing (must be careful not to confuse those two!), programming languages, human languages, writing, and the quiet side of Christianity. A few quick points for you to fit me into your world scheme: Lisp, Emacs, Debian, Land-Rover 110, Optima Rider, quickstep, waltz, wannabe polyglot, Anglican moving towards Quakerism. And I’m just starting to publicize a project I’ve started, at http://www.nongnu.org/muesli/, and created this blog just in time for commenting on the response (if any).


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